Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review: 15 Reasons to Love KrisFlyer Miles

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For $16,000 or a low amount of points (A.K.A. $0), you can revel in the Singapore Airlines Suite Class. Designed by French luxury yacht interior designer Jean-Jacques Coste, these suites include high walls for privacy, storage room for your suitcase, and some of the best airline staff in the world. And you can enjoy it for free using your points! One of the top luxury airline experiences in the world, yours for just over 100,000 points. With service that isn’t surpassed by many, amenities that usually only come at top hotels, and comfort that one usually only dreams of on a 15-hour plus flight, Singapore Airlines Suite Class is an experience unlike any other.


1. The Service:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review 2

Above all else, anyone who’s flown on Singapore Airlines knows their service is one of the best in the world. They greet you with a friendly, “Hello! (Insert proper name here)” while they guide you to your seat and set you up with the utmost care. Once seated, you are promptly introduced to the leading stewardess and steward, updated on flight times, and asked about your personal beverage choice. All within your first fifteen minutes on the plane. You also receive your luxury amenities kit and instead of having to unwrap everything yourself, the staff do it for you. They even unwrap your slippers and place them near your feet for easy use. This kind of service is truly what you’d expect in suite-level pricing.

Throughout the rest of the flight the staff is exceptionally nice, apologetic if they don’t have exactly what you asked for, and anticipate your every need without you making so much as a peep. They clean without you flagging them down and prepare your bed for you when you’re ready to sleep. Everything is neatly organized and the staff of Singapore Airlines Suite Class is truly one of the best in the business.


2. The Anticipation:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review 3

This is mildly mentioned above but what sets a spectacular flight ahead of just another plane ride is a staff that always maintains your comfort whether you realize it or not. One of the beautiful aspects of the Singapore Airlines Suite Class is the little tiny strip of mesh in the door that allows the staff to clear your plates when you’ve finished eating or easily check on you and see if you need anything. You don’t have to sit in your chair hoping they’ll come by for a refill on your Krug or Dom Perignon and you don’t have to wait for your dessert after you’ve finished your meal. The staff is so attentive that the moment you set your fork down and wipe your mouth with your napkin, they’re ready to clear your plates and immediately bring you the next beautiful course.

This also applies to other services like turning down your bed. The staff will ask you if you’re ready to turn in and while you visit the restroom to take out your contacts or brush your teeth, they’ll set up your suite fast to allow you to sleep comfortably. On some flights they’ll even make you a double bed if the suite next to yours is empty; twice the space for the exact same price. And when you’re ready for breakfast, they’re already at your door ready with the snack or breakfast menu. Making sure you’re next hungry, thirsty, unhappy, or uncomfortable are their ultimate concerns.

What makes their attention to detail so great is that it’s genuine. Many of those who have enjoyed Singapore Airlines Suite Class comment on their steward or stewardesses honest and delightful demeanor and their willingness to help a passenger at whatever time they need. When you’re paying such a premium price or high mileage count for a flight, having a service that you don’t have to ask for and people who actually want to give you the best experience possible is a huge bonus. It makes the cost and the point total seem worthwhile.


3. The Price Includes Everything:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review everything included

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review champagne

Unlike your typical flight, you don’t have to pay for any extras when you book Suite Class on Singapore Airlines. Everything is included and extra nuts, snacks, drinks, hot towels, blankets, bottled water, and more is all yours without any swiping of your credit card. For your normal flight, if you want another drink or a snack box, you have to shell out some money to get it. On a Singapore Airlines Suite Class flight, the steward/stewardesses act like they should have thought of that when you ask for something. They refill your drinks constantly and makes sure you have snacks and full meals whenever you need them; no extra cash needed. A full nighttime get-up with pajamas, socks, and slippers, bedding, blankets, and pillows all for your mileage points or expensive ticket price tag. If you’re paying 16 grand for a flight, I would hope there wouldn’t be extra charges and Singapore Airlines doesn’t hide anything between the lines.


4. You Can Fly Suite Class for Free:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review krisflyer logo

When you use points, you can fly in Singapore Airlines Suite Class for barely any points for what you’re getting. Transfer Starpoints to Singapore Airlines and you can fly from New York to Singapore for 78,500 Starpoints or 93,500 Singapore KrisFlyer Miles. You can also transfer AMEX points to Singapore Airlines and fly for 93,500 KrisFlyer Miles as well. Fly from Singapore to Frankfurt for 107,500 KrisFlyer Miles or JFK to Frankfurt for 67,500 KrisFlyer Miles. For JFK to Frankfurt, you can transfer AMEX points to get that reward easily. So for $0 out of pocket, you can enjoy caviar, prawns, and Dom Perignon over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Your points barely crack over 100,000 for some flights and other flights you can get for a steal at 67,500! For Suite Class! Out of all the bonuses that come with Singapore Airlines Suite Class, this is probably the top one. With all the amenities and luxury of a suite for $0 vs. $16,000 or under 100,000 points instead of 16 grand sounds like a great way to take a long flight in the best accommodations.


5. The Seat:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review the seat 2
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review the seat 1
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review seat controls
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review seat storage
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review window 3

Compared to coach, the Singapore Airlines Suite Class seat is pure luxury. Upholstered by Poltrona Frau of Italy, they are covered in soft orange-tan leather and measure 35” wide. It does have that robotic and medical look to it but it is comfortable and spacious. Although the seat does have wonderful padding, it doesn’t recline very far due to the set up. The seat is near the wall, which makes it difficult to recline more than a few inches. Additionally, in order to make the seat into a bed, the back needs to be flipped over, which again limits the mechanics and ability for the chair to lie back. However, the seat/bed is still extremely comfortable even though you can’t recline much. The point of the seat is to allow you to have enough room to stretch your legs and not have to share armrests but also have the ability to sleep in a full bed. Although other suites went with the flat bed approach where you gain a full bed by leaning all the way back, Singapore Airlines decided to save space, add more suites, and fold instead of expand.

The seat also comes with a ton of amenities right at your fingertips. The T.V. remote, lighting controls, all the buttons you need for service, and a storage compartment, adapter plugs including a USB port, headphone jack, and power jack. It also has a footrest for extra comfort and options. Even though the seat doesn’t recline as far as many would hope, it has all the luxury features, fabrics, and class you’d expect in a suite.


6. The Double Bed:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review full bed

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review t.v. 1

As mentioned above, if the suite next to yours is free, you can sometimes get the double bed. Two suite beds made as one with extra space, pillows, and comfort during your long flight will leave you rejuvenated and happy you spent the points. The double bed allows you to have extra room for rolling around while expanding your suite experience. It’s also nice if you travel as a couple. With a staff that desires to exceed your expectations, the availability of the double suite bed gives the Singapore Airlines Suite Class a bump over other airlines.


7. The Amenities:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review first drink and warm nuts
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review lotions

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review 13

When you first step onto the flight, you’re handed a boatload of luxury items. Givenchy pajamas and blanket, Sothys amenity kits, a leather-bound food menu, champagne, slippers, Bose headphones, socks, and sleep mask. All high-end, brand name items that make your plane ride more like a hotel stay. The slippers are soft and comfortable as well as the pajamas and the high-quality Bose headphones allow you to watch movies or listen to music without interruption. You can change your entire outfit for a comfortable sleep without having to buy a pillow and blanket set or flag down the steward/stewardess for your nighttime goodies.

Right when you get on the flight, if you prefer, you can change into your pajamas, socks, and slippers and enjoy the long flight without any discomfort. They do include a sleep mask but the controls on the armrest allow you to dim the lights to black completely and you can close all the shades in your suite for extreme comfort. Although the suite class lavatory is ordinary and doesn’t include a shower like other airlines, the high-end food items and ability to change your flight into a hotel room is what pushes Singapore Airlines Suite Class to luxury levels.


8. The Food…on Certain Flights:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review gravadlax of salmon
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review chocolate pudding and mint ice cream
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review rib eye
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review snack
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review lobster thermidor close up
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review lobster thermidor far away

There have been a number of mixed reviews of the food that’s distributed to Singapore Airlines Suite Class members. Some praise the high-quality cuts and beautiful plates while others expect more from Singapore’s ultimate first class and claim it’s lackluster. What seems to be a contributing factor in the rants and raves is the flight. Depending on which flight you end up on, the menu changes and the quality seems to change as well.

Those who flew on the airline late at night said the food wasn’t up to their expectations and those who had earlier flights during the day said the food was superb. And it appears that San Francisco to Hong Kong is a much different flight than Los Angeles to Tokyo. Limitations on flight time and late departure cut out starters, availability on entrees, and sometime dessert.

The way to get what you want, and fall in love with Singapore Airlines Suite Class it to Book the Cook. When you request your menu in advance, you can choose whatever options they offer and won’t be subject to changing menus. Some menus include items like Lobster Thermidor, satay, and caviar, while others include rib eye steak that needs some fat trimmed, a bread basket instead of high-end options, and changing of options due to lack of inventory. If you can Book the Cook ahead of time, you’ll get all of Singapore Airlines’ best options and you won’t be subject to menu changes or availability. There are tons of exceptional food options on their menu (crabmeat salad, gravadlax of salmon, scallops, blackened corn-fed chicken breast, seasonal fruits, traditional Asian dishes, caviar and prawns, duck breast, exquisite desserts, and dozens of top-notch drinks), but in order to guarantee you’ll get to enjoy them, book ahead of time.


9. The Options:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review menu 5
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review menu 4
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review menu 3
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review menu 1
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review menu 2

At every turn on this flight, you have options. You can pick and choose from various beverages including champagne, coffee, tea, beers, wines, cocktails, and more, pick and choose from several different menus (sometimes as many as thirteen different kinds), you can pick from tons of movies and T.V. shows, choose when your bed is made and when you would like to eat, close and open the shades whenever you like, dim the lights or brighten them up whenever you see fit, charge your electronic devices with three different outlets, browse the web, and much more. The staff of Singapore Airlines is there to help you with whatever you need. There are so many options that you can customize this flight to exactly what you want in your suite experience.


10. The Space:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review 45

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review storage
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review space in cabin
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review double bed with two t.v.s

This is why you sign up for a suite. You have an entire cabin all to yourself. You can stow your bag under the bench across from your seat, there’s no overhead bins so you have full roaming room, the seat is very large even with the armrests down, there’s enough room to make a full bed and recline with the foot rest, and you can eat easily without banging elbows with the person next to you. Even in the Singapore Airline business class there are two seats next to each other. The privacy you gain from having your own space is a luxury not many airlines offer and it allows you to sleep in peace. You don’t have to listen to any outside noise and you can spread out all your work materials or just browse on your phone without any interruptions. Additionally, if nobody is in the suite next to you, you can request (and many of the times they’ll just ask you) a double bed. Even more space! You can’t go wrong with a few extra feet on a long flight.


11. The T.V.:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review t.v. 3
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review t.v. 1
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review t.v. 4

The 23” T.V. is much larger than business class and takes up almost the entire wall space. You can watch movies, T.V. shows, or your flight tracker and can change the channel whenever you like; complete control over your viewing experience. The picture is clear and crisp and the T.V. is large enough to watch without having to squint whether you’re sitting up or lying down. It’s a huge pain when you get into an expensive seat only to find out you’re sitting with your nose against the screen or the screen is too tiny to enjoy from your faraway seat. With the Singapore Airlines Suite Class, you get to enjoy tons of entertainment options on a large screen without any eyestrain.


12. The Abundant Availability of Anything You Need:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review fruit plate
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review double bed in the dark
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review double bed with two t.v.s
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review krug and dom perignon

Whether you need a drink of water in the middle of the night or you’re starving, the staff on Singapore Airlines is ready to serve. Before you hit the hay, they offer you a hot towel and a bottle of water. When you wake up, it’s breakfast menu time and the staff rearranges your room from hotel room suite to airline seat again. There is always more if you need or want more and you aren’t charged for anything extra.

On a typical flight, another drink or a snack pack means more dollars. When you’ve already shelled out a good amount of points or $16,000, a few extra warm nuts or a third glass of Dom isn’t an issue. If you want something different, the staff is willing to go out of their way to get it for you. Truly a Suite Class amenity.


13. The Windows:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review space in cabin
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review window 2

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review window 1

For some lucky travelers, there are three windows in their suite for ultimate viewing. Window-lovers will enjoy having control over all the shades and the ability to watch take-off and landing from three different angles. Other suites have two windows but it’s still better than one shared window or no windows if you’re in the middle section of business class. The windows also bring in extra light if you would like more natural work environment or if you’re the type that wakes up with sunlight, you have complete control over shutting it out. The windows are also extremely large and all for your viewing pleasure in Suite Class.


14. The Internet:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review wifi

Everyone wants to stay connected whether they’re running errands on the ground or flying to an important business meeting or trying to keep their kids entertained on a four-hour flight. Singapore Airlines Suite Class offers the Internet to its Suite Class, which allows you to stay within reach of emails but also enjoy Netflix on your tablet. You don’t have to feel like you’re in the air for fifteen hours and you can relax with your favorite music or work to your heart’s content.


15. The Darkness and The Light:

Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review double bed in the dark
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review darkness
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review darkness 2
Singapore Airlines Suite Class Review space in cabin

For those who have trouble sleeping with light or just want to relax without the irritating cabin lighting, the darkness of the suite is for you. You can close all the shades, dim the lights with your remote, and slip the eye mask over your eyes for a completely dark sleep in your flat bed. You don’t have to deal with anyone else’s reading light or if the staff has to turn back on the lights for some reason. This is all under your control. Have 1 shade open and two shut. Have all the lights off and the windows open. Don’t wear your sleep mask. In a suite, you get to pick and choose the lighting levels and if you want complete solitude in the darkness, you can have it in Singapore Airlines Suite Class.

In contrast, if you love to stay up all night watching movies, reading a great book, or finishing some work before a deadline, the lights can stay on without any dimming or poor reading lights. You control everything when you have a suite. You won’t be bothering anyone and if your lights are on, the staff will check on you frequently to make sure that you are comfortable and don’t need any food or drink. You can keep the shades open the entire flight and enjoy the views without someone wanting to sleep and closing them on you. Control on brightness and mood lighting is yours to choose in Suite Class.


When booking this flight, make sure to transfer points to KrisFlyer Miles to make the most of your points. Sometimes you earn discounts and bonuses for transferring during certain times of the year. Take advantage of your points instead of thinking the huge price tag is out of your reach. Not many can splurge an entire car’s worth of money on one flight. Enjoy the service, quality linens and goods, and the overflowing amount of food and drink because when you fly Singapore Airlines Suite Class, you’re treated like a one-in-a-million customer.