Casa Kimball Review – An Ultramodern Manor With A Tropical Twist

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Grandly perched on a magnificent jagged cliff, the Casa Kimball is an ultra sleek contemporary haven designed to provide the ultimate Caribbean getaway in the Dominican Republic. Lauded for its lovely secluded oceanfront setting, this breathtaking modern eyeful boasts a spectacular collection of spacious, fully furnished and lavishly designed rooms that provide awe-inspiring panoramas of the Atlantic Ocean. Giving you a full taste of the sublime, Casa Kimball also houses a deluge of deluxe facilities and sophisticated amenities, making it an archetypal enclave for those who are longing for an unforgettable blissful tropical experience.

A grand contemporary concept

Casa Kimball

Casa Kimball is truly a stunning architectural jewel that will leave its beholders in awe. Built majestically with coral stones, this one-of-a-kind tropical villa showcases a seamless blend of outdoor and indoor design elements. Taking advantage of the location’s natural beauty, its unique contemporary design allows the Caribbean breezes and sunlight to flow through its beautiful open indoor spaces.  What’s more, it has a beautiful palette of textures and materials used for its exterior.

Casa Kimball

Fantastic natural scenery

The villa’s imperial beauty, however, goes beyond its sophisticated style and ultramodern design. Offering unhindered views of the Atlantic Ocean, this luxury estate has an astonishing natural backdrop that can only be rivaled by the world-famous villas of Bali and the Maldives. Set in a splendid oceanfront landscape, the Casa Kimball is ringed by coconut palms, almond trees and a plethora of shrubs and flowering vines that are all native to the country.

Cushy and roomy accommodations

Casa Kimball

The Casa Kimball is a three-acre real estate property with eight luxurious and comfy rental villas that are carefully crafted to cater to the druthers of all its guests. As with any world-class hotel or resort, each of the estate’s room is fully air-conditioned, and contains plenty of useful niceties, including a window screen, telephone, safe, elegant bathroom, wireless internet, iPod dock, video games, computer, home theater, board games, and many more. Not to mention, all of its rooms offer dramatic views of the ocean.

As a rental villa, the Casa Kimball is an ideal nest for those who are traveling with a bunch of other tourists. With eight bedrooms available, this tropical paradise can accommodate sixteen guests simultaneously.

Bedroom 1 (Master) – King-size bed

Bedroom 2 – Queen-size bed

Bedroom 3 – Queen-size bed

Bedroom 4 – King-size bed

Bedroom 5 – King-size bed

Bedroom 6 – King-size bed

Bedroom 7 – King-size bed

Bedroom 8 – Queen-size bed

Casa Kimball

Room rates

Nightly: 2,900 USD to 5,000 USD

Weekly: 20,300 USD to 24,500 USD

By the way, all the rates for the Casa Kimball are based on a couple of guests per bedroom. Also, rates vary, depending on the season and schedule.

Stunning infinity pool

Casa Kimball

The undisputed visual highlight of the Casa Kimball is its gorgeous dramatic centerpiece, the infinity pool.  Architecturally, this 150-foot pool creates a balance in the property’s structure, extending over 40 meters to its infinity edges, and blending perfectly with the ocean. It has a set of blue tiles that reflect the sky and absorb the heat of sun in a similar way as the Atlantic Ocean, giving you an illusion that the pool is a part of the villa’s natural setting.

A world of fun and leisure

Of course, the villa has heaps of exciting activities to offer to its guests. From jeep safaris and horseback riding to whale watching, the villa’s excellent location provide access to a whole lot of outdoor activities in the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, Casa Kimball has several on-site leisure activities that can keep you hooked for a few hours, including live musical entertainment, billiards, karaoke, yoga, and others.

Address: 5 to 6, Orchid Bay, Oceanfront Estates Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Price per Night: 2,900 USD to 5,000 USD per night

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