Ani Villas Review – A Classy Caribbean Chateau With a Heavenly Setting

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Perched solitarily on the majestic limestone cliffs of Little Bay in Anguilla, the Ani Villas is truly a sublime hideaway designed to deliver the utmost comfort and most unforgettable holiday experiences.

One of the Caribbean’s most magnificent and sought-after estates, Ani Villas boasts of a collection of breathtaking villas that are aimed at capturing the striking cliff-side views, as well as provide a taste of the idyllic life. Equipped with an endless array of amazing amenities and composed of a courteous staff, Ani Villas indeed has everything you need to make your island escapade an exclusive and soothing one.

Whether you are traveling with your loved one or the entire family, Ani Villas can give you a superb and euphoric sojourn.

Idyllic location and peachy natural scenery

Ani Villas Review

Offering a blissful and nostalgic Caribbean island retreat, the Ani Villas beckons travelers and lavish aristocrats with its sheer beauty, understated demeanor and panoramic vistas. Nestled high above the Crocus Bay’s turquoise waters, this gorgeous resort is lined with sandy pristine beaches and stunning orange cliffs that are crowned with the West Indian woods’ delicate green tuffs. What’s more, the Ani Villas is surrounded by rustic stone paths, waving tropical palms, and kaleidoscopic bougainvillea. To top it all off, the resort’s elevated location lets you feast your eyes on the bay’s lively animals, including pelicans and turtles.

Pleasure-loving villas and bedrooms

As an estate, Ani Villas Anguilla has 10 bedrooms and a couple of eye-catching villas, making it a perfect haven for hosting families and large groups. In Ani Villas, each luxury home or villa features its own viewing deck, lounge, dining area, kitchen, hot tub and pool. Not to mention, it comes with a plethora of amenities, including a Sonos Music System, kindle, Apple TV with limitless movie rentals, personal chef services, hair dryer, and a whole lot more.

Accommodation options

Ani Villas North – Between $35,000 and $45,000 per week (depending on the season)

Ani Villas Review

Located on the estate’s northern part, Ani Villas North is arguably the most beloved hideaway for snorkeling and swimming. Sitting atop the bay’s dramatic cliffs, this option provides breathtaking sunset views as well as remarkable sights of the beautiful coastline of Anguilla. Furthermore, it serves as a home to an elegant stair atrium that is embellished with a fascinating water feature and a large skylight.

Ani Villas South – Between $44,000 and $57,000 per week (depending on the season)Ani Villas Review

With its sleek contemporary design and lovely location, a room in Ani Villas South can certainly provide you the ultimate holiday experience in Anguilla. Plus, it has a myriad of cutting-edge features to make everything easier and more convenient, such as elevators and roll-in showers.

A range of leisurely activities

Ani Villas Review

For those who seek leisure in Anguilla, Ani Villas offers a wide variety of activities that will surely keep you hooked and busy for a few days. As a guest in this one-of-a-kind all-inclusive resort, you get to choose from handful of activities that are absolutely free of charge, including snorkeling, bicycle riding, paddle boarding (standing up), and tennis lessons. Also, there are leisure activities available with additional costs, such as golfing, horseback riding, boat charters, and yoga.

*** Note – Ani Villas don’t generally do per-night rates because they prefer guests to stay for a week at a time, though some will come for a minimum of four nights and up to longer than two weeks.

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