AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Review: 10 Best Card Features

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Are you looking for a charge card that matches your penchant for travel and excellent food? For the picky you who only want the best in everything, everywhere, American Express has something for you – the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card. This rewards card is perfect for travelers and has overall great features than the standard AMEX Gold Card, minus the steep annual fee that you should pay upfront that is usually required by other premium credit cards.

Here are the best features we love about the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card:

1.) Sign up bonus

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When you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of receiving you AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card, you will be rewarded with 25,000 reward points that is valued at up to $250. And if you spend $30, 000 in your first 12 months, you will receive additional $15,000.

*** Note – The 15,000 signup bonus points by Amex will be going away starting Jan 2015.

2.) No APR

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This is a charge card so you have to pay your dues every month in full. For others, this is a setback, but for those who hate interest rates, this is a must-have.

3.) Waived annual fee for the first year

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Your first year of membership is free, then $175 after that. Also, you may enroll 5 additional cards with zero annual fee.

4.) Attractive category spending bonuses

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As an AMEX Premier Rewards Cardholder, you will earn 3 points for every $1 spent on airfare, 2 points on U.S. gasoline stations and U.S. supermarkets, and 1 point on all other eligible purchases.

5.) No seat restrictions or blackout dates

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You can pay using your points to pay for flights, cruises, hotels and vacations at the with no seat restrictions and blackout dates. As long as your desired seat is available and payable with reward points, you can book it.

6.) Pay Over Time Option

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As you may know, most charge cards won’t allow you to carry balance from month to month, but with AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card you have the option to apply for a balance-carry for certain purchases. All you have to do is enroll in the Pay Over Time program, and once you’re approved, you will be allowed to carry balance of greater than $100 from approved purchases.

7.) Get $75 hotel credit from Gold Hotels

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Pay with your card when you book 2 consecutive nights at any participating hotel under the Gold Hotels program and you’ll be rewarded with a room upgrade and a $75 hotel credit that you can spend on food and beverages.

8.) Roadside Assistance

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In case of road a road mishap using a rental car, AMEX will cover $50 worth of premium roadside assistance services up to four times per year. Services that come with package include towing, jump starts, flat tire, and lockouts, plus a reimbursable two gallons of gas.

9.) Travel Insurance

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As part of the Premier Rewards Gold travel insurance and benefits, AMEX will also give its members $250,000 that covers accidental death and dismemberment for you and your family members.

10.) Special entertainment offers

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Be the first one to receive pre-sale tickets, and special discounts for the latest entertainment venues near your area. Another great perk is the access to special member-only events.

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