How to Book Singapore Suites Class with Points and How to Get the Points

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Even if you’re travelling on a tight budget, you don’t have to compromise comfort and style. With the right number of points, you can travel on first class suites.

But how do you book using these points, you might ask? More importantly, just how do you acquire these points? These are the questions that we’ll answer on this guide.points and converting them to travel miles.

But first, allow us to tell you more about the Singapore suites class.

The amenities of the Singapore suites class.

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The suites are available to anyone riding Singapore airlines A380, with over 19 planes that go through routes flying from Singapore to various high profile destinations like Hong Kong, New York, Beijing, Melbourne, London, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo.

As you enter the suites you would feel like you are staying in a cabin of a cruise liner, each cabin gives you your own private space with a aisle seats at the front and rear and two middle seats that are convertible to a single big charge if couples prefer to have a more snug set-up.

The designs of the suites show all the class and sophistication worthy of being called first class, with enough amenities to give you a pleasing and luxurious trip. Each cabin provides you with the right amount of creature comforts like toothbrushes, combs, wet wipes, moisturizers and more. You are also given the privilege to wear the Air Singapore pajama to make you feel cosier.

There is also an abundance of food choices as the suite class gives you a variety of 60 different dishes which you can pre-order when you book the suite.

Any suite class passenger won’t have a shortage of electronic amenities as well, as each cabin is equipped with 23” TV complete with remote control and ports to charge your mobile devices of every configuration.

Getting the points.

Now that we know what we’re missing let me share to you how we can grab the chance to ride with suite class.

Singapore airlines is partnered with various credit card companies and applying with the affiliated companies and using their services will earn you points that you can now convert to  Flyer miles. And you can get a generous points-to-miles conversion ratio of 1:1 for credit cards under companies such as Starwood, American Express, Citi Thankyou, and Chase ultimate rewards.

Instructions in garnering points for each credit card.

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1.) American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card


  • 3 times more points for every airline fare purchase
  • No introductory fee for the initial year


  • Spend $2,000 dollars within the first 3 months of use and get 25,000 points

2.) Amex Everyday Credit Card


  • 2 times more points in every US supermarket
  • 20% more points on each purchase if you use the card for more than 20 times per billing period.


  • Spend at least a $1,000 in the first 3 months of use and get 10,000 points

3.) Business Platinum Card of American Express Open


  • $475 annual payment fee
  • 20% travel bonus by using points earn from Membership rewards


  • Spend $5,000 during your first 3 months and earn 40,000 points

4.) Citi ThankYou  Premier Card


  • No intro fee but a $125 annual fee on the next year
  • Twice more points per dollar for purchases in airlines and hotels


  • On the first 3 months of your first year of use, you will get 20,000 points if you spend $2,000. And on your second year, spend $3,000 within the first three months and get 30,000 points

5.) Starwood Preferred Guest Credit and Business Card of American Express


  • $65 annual fee on the second year of use but no fees for the first year.
  • 25% bonus everytime you transfer 20,000 points to starwoods airline partners.


  • Instantly get 10,000 points after you first purchase and 15,000 more once you spend $5,000 within 6 months.

So there you go! Start garnering your points now and we will see you in the suite class.

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